6 ways to turn despair into delight

6 ways to turn despair into delight

So, this is the point where, as business owner, you just know that YOU have to facilitate change. It will not – cannot – happen without you being the instigator.

Be prepared for a certain amount of discomfort (no meaningful change ever occurred within your comfort zone) and a level of commitment you won’t be accustomed to....


Have a vision for where you want the business to go
- Sitting down and imagining where, with everything going well, the business could end up, can be a motivating exercise for the business owner

- In fact, how can anyone else in the business be inspired if the owner is not inspired?

- This should be detailed and documented


Share that vision with your people
- Once the owner has a clear picture, that should be shared because the owner has no hope of achieving anything great without the buy-in of everyone in the business


Get their ideas for how to achieve the vision
- In fact, there is much to be said for the business owner preparing a vision in draft form only

- Asking other people in the business to contribute ideas in an environment where “there’s no such thing as a bad or silly idea” can open up all sorts of possibilities

- The outcome can be a Vision Statement with which everyone is aligned


Set goals as milestones
- Once the vision is firmly implanted in the mind’s eye of everyone in the business, it should be broken down into achievable gaols

- Once these milestones are in place, everyone should have individual tasks that will be their contributions to ensure they’re achieved


Measure – and celebrate – achievements
- Specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should be established so that everyone knows that objectives are being met

- Celebrating those small steps is important so that people know they’re making headway and that the vision (not everyone is a “big picture” person) is closer as a result of individual efforts


Review and reset goals
- Regular strategic reviews (we suggest quarterly) should be carried out to establish that goals are being met – and of not, why not

- This is the time to recalibrate – what are the next set of goals that will be needed to take those incremental steps?


These simple (sure, not necessarily easy, as there’s work and commitment involved) steps can drag a business owner from a space where negative thinking is the norm to a place where everyone has committed to a common goal of business growth.


This will surely be – a delightful outcome....