Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed? 


A colleague recently complained that he could not get to do everything that was required of him. This left him feeling frustrated and apparently unable to live up to clients’ expectations.

After a long discussion, I suggested picking a time each week (he decided upon Monday mornings) to dump everything he needed to achieve for the week into a task list. From there, he could estimate the time each task would be likely to take and allocate that time within his daily calendar, locking that time away.

By mid-morning each Monday, he now has a calendar that includes each of these tasks and he’s finding he is achieving more and feeling better about the process – in fact, it is now established as a business process.

He also includes things like the tasks involved in the various marketing activities, to ensure that side of his business is not ignored. Administrative tasks should be treated in a similar fashion.

It is important to assume that interruptions will occur. As they do, it will be necessary to prioritise those interruptions: do they need to be addressed urgently or should a separate time be allocated for dealing with the respective issues? The following might assist with determining priorities:

This approach has worked for my colleague, who said: “…It has proven to be very efficient and much less stress overall, so thanks for the suggestion!”