If you're not enjoying it, go!

If you’re not enjoying it, go!

A friend once said to me that the day he got to his store, put the key in the lock, but then really didn’t want to unlock the door and start the day’s work, it would be time to sell. That day came and he sold.


However, I have seen too many business owners become despondent when progress doesn’t occur and it all gets too hard; but they hang in there – waiting for something to change or somehow, get better.


Please, if you find yourself in this position, do yourself and everyone around you a favour and GET OUT. GO!  Staying on is very likely to piss off your staff and your customers. The end result is that the business – and you – will head into a downward spiral and the outcome can get ugly.


You owe it, first and foremost to yourself, and then to your people and your customers to truly enjoy the experience of business ownership – and to show them that you do.


(However, if you’re absolutely determined to stay, I’ll show you some ways to turn it around – next time....)