Reward for Effort

Reward for Effort


It’s not every day that a client wins an international award.


That was the case, however, with David Tabrett, who was recently awarded Practitioner of the Year by the Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary Association.

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It is a prestigious award and, I can confirm, from a business development perspective, much deserved.


I have worked with David since 2004 in a business coaching role. At that time, he owned a minority shareholding of a fledgling business that employed 6 staff. Fast-forward to today and we see Animal Emergency Referral Centre (AREC), with facilities in Newcastle and Maitland employing 65 people with specialist services and world-class amenities, under single ownership.

It’s been an interesting ride and not without its challenges. However, one of David’s key strengths is the development of a team which is given the autonomy to contribute to strategy and to produce plans for implementation. This Practice Council meets quarterly for two days when business performance is reviewed, obstacles are identified and a plan made for the forthcoming quarter. This has been a key influence on the growth and improvement that has occurred.

I have attended each of these Quarterly Meetings and can attest to the positivity of the members and their willingness to contribute to the business over and above the requirements for their individual roles.

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However, the accolades should be accepted by David who has put in place the framework for growth and improvement to take place and created an environment for personal development.

While there are plenty of lessons to be learned from David’s great example, it’s more appropriate that, at least for the moment, he should enjoy his moment in the sun.