This is a brief introduction to Checklister, a program designed to make your business more efficient, your people more effective, a better environment for your workplace and your customers happier. It’s your first step towards a systemised business.

"Hi, I’m Kirsty Dellar, founder and developer of Salty’s Skate & Surf, a successful retail store in Kalgoorlie Western Australia – one that has grown year-on-year since its launch, in a difficult retail environment."

"I’m John Matthew. I started a real estate business in 1983 that has grown to one of the largest real estate businesses in regional Western Australia. I have since sold the business and since 2002, I’ve developed a successful business coaching program with clients Australia-wide."

JM: Kirsty, what was the situation like in your business prior to going down the path of providing clarity for your people through checklists?
KD: During times that I was absent from my business, I found it lacked the vibrant customer service that is to be expected, turnover dropped and in general, the business did not present in a neat, clean and orderly fashion.
JM: And what problems did that cause you?
KD: Very untidy looking store along with numerous problems, usually complaints as well as a higher rate of incidents.
JM: And how did the decision to develop these processes come about?
KD: My sister recognised my stress levels, she had worked in McDonalds stores growing up and as we all know McDonalds operate very automated, these systems and procedures are paramount in running a successful business. So, we developed a checklist for Saltys based on the information in my head and the knowledge of McDonalds systems that my sister knew could help, the checklist was developed based on what I expected of myself every day to ensure all aspects of the business operations were covered.
JM: So, what’s the situation now?
KD: People have more clarity and always know what needs to be done.
JM: And what’s that meant for you, as a business owner?
KD: I can leave the business for weeks at a time, knowing that it will be as it should be. Whereas previously I would worry every time I left the business, not knowing what was going to be in store when I returned, I now had peace of mind. That’s been huge.
KD: Did you have a similar experience?
JM: Mine was more of a case of knowing something was missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I knew we had a good business, but I also knew it could be a whole lot better.
KD: Did you finally resolve that?
JM: No. It wasn’t until I learned the theory surrounding systems, while becoming a licensed Business Coach. That’s when the penny finally dropped….. By that time, I had sold the business and moved on – but I have used the ideas in other businesses and with many clients.
JM: What is your recommendation for other owners of small businesses?
KD: It doesn’t matter how small the business is, checklists make an enormous difference…
….and that’s why we’ve developed Checklister. A short course to get any business owner on the pathway to a business that will be better for everyone – customers, staff and owners.
JM: So, in this course we’ll go about assisting small business owners understanding why checklists work, the benefits and how to go about implementing them.
KD: We’ll show you, step-by-step, how to go about the process – and deliver you the templates you’ll need to put them into place…..
…..I sure wish I had this available to me early in the ownership of Salty’s.
JM: And it would have saved me time, money and, potentially, taken my business to a different level and made it far easier to manage.
KD: Simply log on to


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