Our Story

Our story - so far….

"The veil was lifted from my eyes after reading "The E-Myth Revisited" by Michael Gerber. Having started a real estate business from scratch and grown it to supporting a staff of 30 within 12 years, I knew it could be better and that it could scale, but just couldn’t put my finger on the missing element. It wasn't until the business had been sold that, on reading the book, the penny dropped - it was systems. Sure, we had systems - some loose and some more rigid - in the property management side, but few, if any, in sales. Overall, a totally systems-based approach would have made all the difference - it would have made the business easier to manage and would have been the foundation on which to grow even further. It would have made a good business, better - far better!"

John Matthew

"Salty's Surf and Skate had grown from start-up, probably faster than I had anticipated and, all of a sudden, I was finding it quite difficult to manage. People were not doing their work as I wanted - at least, not consistently - the shop was a bit of a mess and it was starting to take over my life. I recalled my sister, who had worked in the Macdonald's head office in Brisbane, saying how the franchises worked because of their cast-in-stone procedures, so I called for her help. She came to Kalgoorlie and we sat for, basically 48 hours straight, and wrote checklists for all the business operations. From that point, it changed management of the business forever. It was easier, people knew exactly what was expected of them and the work gets done, whether I am there or not."

Kirsty Dellar

"I was first introduced to the idea of business processes as a client of John Matthew, via his coaching business, Switch. When I was busy, everything just got on top of me and I battled to meet clients' expectations. Furthermore, any marketing activities got ignored. John convinced me that procedures could be developed from anything I did that was repetitive. I can remember making the time to write procedures, because it was a chore! I thought that really, I could spend my time more profitably, meeting the immediate demands of clients. However, I now know only too well, that making this effort has paid dividends many times over. The time my documented processes saves me allows for time to market my services and provide greater continuity of cash flow."

Patrick Templeman Twells


From his 13 years as a business coach, John Matthew could see a common thread - business owners were reluctant to invest the time in learning how to write systems, procedures and checklists. They saw it as useful at some future time, but far from urgent in their current scenarios. They did not make the connection that this investment could overcome many of the difficulties in managing their businesses. He had observed, after several years in a coach-client relationship, that Patrick Templeman Twells had the technical expertise to produce online solutions. He had seen the results Patrick had provided for other businesses and the benefits their owners had experienced. Then he ran into Kirsty Dellar at a workshop he was facilitating. During a subsequent conversation, Kirsty explained how her business had changed since writing a series of checklists for her and her staff. It now required far less effort on a day-to-day basis and allowed her time to work on its growth. 

Early in 2017, John approached Kirsty and Patrick with the idea of joining forces to establish a business aimed, at least as its first goal, at creating an easy-to-use online product for business owners to produce checklists, processes and systems. Kirsty had been the practitioner, John had the experience in producing content and Patrick, the technical expertise.

This was the basis for aSyst Business and their combined vision is in the exciting development stage.